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All children around the world, no matter their sex, race or colour have the right to education… Our role is to make sure rural girls have access to this right. As children who have access to their rights grow as an independent individual; who can break through the cycle of poverty, thus become empowered to take their future into their own hands and play an active part in shaping it… We are here to help them survive and succeed in their entire endeavour.

Our Organisation

SteadFastLove Foundation is a non-profit organisation aimed at transforming the lives of girls in rural area to become useful to themselves and their communities via access to formal education, vocational and skills’ training.


To effect lasting change that adds value to the essence and existence of human life.



To give support, as well as build self-esteem, and integrity in rural girls to bring about positive change in their lives through education.

Why Girls

Girls are susceptible and influenced by societal ills. Hence, the need to help shape their mental, social, educational, and physical state in order to fulfil their academic and career potential.


Our Plan

Our plan as an organization is to support girls living in the rural area with access to education. Especially the gifted and talented ones whose parents cannot afford to give them quality education. Taking these children to school helps break their poverty cycle leading them to become self-reliant.



The main objective is to rehabilitate girls living in the rural area through education and socialization:

  • We focus on empowering and meeting the needs of young girls whose parents cannot afford to send them to school.
  • Through capacity building, training, education, healthcare projects and empowerment programme that gives them the opportunity to go back to school, hence becoming professionals in their chosen field of study, vocational and skills training.
  • To work towards reduction of poverty or financial hardship in Nigeria by providing grants and scholarships to special children and children with particular needs.
  • Working hand in hand with selected schools at home and abroad to help educate our girls.
  • To promote gender equality for the better society.