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Yewande Oguntuyi Olusore has been so passionate about humanitarianism since childhood which led to her accommodating five young boys she barely knows into her father’s house and shared her allowances with them. This passion also led her to apply to study Social Work at Covenant University which was later changed to Sociology due to lack of accreditation by Nigerian Universities Commission. She had her National Youth Service program in 2006 at Obuama a village in Rivers state, Nigeria. There she continued with her passion to touch the lives of rural children and sensitize them on the importance of education. She also took part in the HIV/AIDS awareness program organised by the youth corps members. 

Yewande holds a Diploma in Social Care from Stonebridge College, a B.Sc in Sociology from Covenant University, Certificate in Early Childhood Education, Certificate in Child Abuse Prevention, Certificate in Understanding the Rights of Women and Girls, Certificate in Building a Better Response: Strengthening Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Capacity and Engagement from Harvard Humanitarian Academy, Certificate in Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety from Harvard School of Public Health, Sphere, Certificate in “The Sphere Project: Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response, Certificate in Humanitarianism: Applying Key Principles from Disasterready.org, Certificate in Fully Integrated Security Management from RedR UK, Proficiency Certificate in Management from Nigerian Institute of Management,  She is currently an MBA student at University of South Wales, United Kingdom. She has worked in the Nigerian banking sector and also with several charity organisations. She is also a supporter of SavetheChildren, Cancer Research and British Redcross, all in United Kingdom.

She is a people person, emotionally robust, loves to put smiles on people’s faces and always motivated to help people whom are vulnerable and whom are overcoming obstacles in their life. She is passionate about children especially girls and women as they are the most vulnerable fraction of the population. She has been involved in series of community development programmes ranging from visits to homes, villages, teaching child sexual abuse prevention class across schools in underserved communities, organising seminars and workshops for girls, women, rural dwellers on girls education, child abuse, domestic violence, capacity building and youth empowerment; making young people more involved and taking responsibility for their actions. Her hobbies include; Meeting people, Cooking, Travelling, Reading Motivational Books, Watching and Analysing Soccer.